Resurrection Ink : Tattoo


Resurrection Ink has over 60 years combined professional tattoo experience, and that’s just the beginning. Our artists are well-rounded in all genres of tattooing. Traditional, Neo-traditional, black and grey, full color bomb, photo realism, realism, custom design, custom lettering, etc. etc. We can meet all needs when it comes to tattooing. We have a clean, professional, friendly, knowledgeable staff and artists with no egos or out-of-control rock star attitudes like you get in many tattoo/piercing studios. We are a multi-award winning studio for both tattooing and piercing.

Resurrection Ink is fully insured, legitimately and legally run business, which many of our local competitors are not. We use hospital grade sterilization which is monitored by an independent lab to ensure your safety. We operate a clean, sterile environment using only hospital grade cleaning products and techniques.

Resurrection Ink has been open since Jan. 1, 2006, so we are definitely not the new kid on the block, or one of these fly-by-night tattoo studios who are only in business for a year or two and then have to leave town. We also have 10 years of consistently perfect health scores with all surprise inspections.

We do our best to educate you on what will (or will not) work as a tattoo or piercing and why. We advise you on the best possible idea and outcome so that you love your artwork for life. There are always shops that will just do anything you want and take advantage of you, just to get your money, and then blame you when it falls apart later. We educate you on proper aftercare for your piercings/tattoos so you have a problem free experience after you leave the studio

Your safety and that of our staff is first and foremost therefore we do not bend or compromise when it comes to health codes. A studio that will bend on the seemingly unimportant codes such as food or drink in the studio, will also compromise on quality of following proper health procedures and use sub-par quality supplies and products to cut corners, putting safety at risk. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience and take walk-ins as well as appointments.