Resurrection Ink Piercing 

At Resurrection Ink we use only the highest quality equipment available for the purpose of performing piercings. Our jewelry for piercing goes a step above what most studios use and what is required by the local Environmental Health Department for use in piercings. Rather than simply using surgical steel, we buy only medical grade implant surgical steel for all the piercings we offer, which gives the client the least chance of infection, rejection, or problems in healing. We always do our very best to educate each client in the proper aftercare procedures so that they have the easiest time possible while caring for their new piercing after they leave.


The type of jewelry we use for each piercing is recommended to us by Doctors, not just just what the industry has recommended based on their "sponsors or friends in the industry," or some downtown hipster kid recommends. We simply feel that the medical field was the best place for us to go for advisement when we started performing piercing procedures. Our piercer has 8 yrs experience in the field and is a multi-award winning piercer and is hands down the most qualified in the area.


We have developed great client/piercer relationships by earning the trust of our clients and based on the professionalism we strive to put forth with each procedure we do. We go way above and beyond when it comes to concerns a person may have before, during and after they get get a piercing done at Resurrection Ink. It is always okay to call or come by even after the piercing has been done if you have any questions or concerns. We stay informed on any and everything to do with piercings in order to keep up to date with new piercings that may be trending. We also refuse to do any piercing that can be harmful or cause any unnecessary risk to a client. While we stay at the forefront of the piercing world, we will never put a client at risk for the sake of being trendy.


First and foremost, we care deeply about our clients and their safety above all else. There are no better hands in the area for a person to be in when it comes to piercing than Resurrection Ink.


Be sure to ask us about the aftercare product we offer while you are here

All piercings prices include jewelry.
There is a $5 charge to remove, swap or re-insert andy jewelry
All prices subject to change, please call 912-352-9926 to confirm prices.