About Resurrection Ink


Resurrection Ink is a premier tattoo studio located in Savannah Georgia. We offer high quality work through our full staff of award winning tattoo artists and piercers. We have also been recognized and endorsed by some of the heaviest hitters in the industry as one of the best places to be tattooed in Savannah.


Our specialty is designing custom, one of a kind tattoos. Our highly talented artists are capable working with you to create a piece that will resonate your tastes, body, and personality. In addition to creating custom work, we also offer a wide variety of prefabricated designs to use as inspiration or a starting point for your own tattoo.

We also have a full service piercing parlor where we perform work of varying complexity. We can handle any kind of work from a simple piercing to elaborate, multiple piercing arrangements.

We offer that high quality work at fair, affordable prices without the inflated egos and rock star attitudes present at many other studios. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and highly experienced. We also take pride in providing a clean, sanitary environment with a comfortable atmosphere. Our work is always performed in one of our closed rooms to maintain your privacy. We manage all of this while maintaining the look and feel of a classic tattoo parlor.

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Though we take pride in the craftsmanship of our work, we prioritize ethics above everything else. We strive to provide the best, personalized service possible using some of the cleanest facilities in Savannah.

During the process of getting your tattoo or piercing, we take extra care in educating every client about the various ins and outs of wearing them. The skin and musculature on every person is unique and will affect how your piece will fade, stretch, and deform over time. We also encourage all potential clients to research our work here on the website, visit the shop itself, or call for a consultation before committing to anything.

In addition to our exemplary service, we also take great care in maintaining all of our equipment. Tests are run weekly by an independent lab and we take all possible precautions to ensure a safe and satisfactory result. We consistently receive perfect scores on our regular inspections from the Chatham County Health Department. We are also happy to explain any procedure in detail to help you understand and feel comfortable with any work being performed on your body.


Voted One of Savannah's Top 14 Tattoo Places By Expertise.com