Ward Bassett has been in the tattooing business for nine years. At about 4 or 5 years of age, Ward became fascinated by a small eagle tattoo on his Dad’s bicep. He has loved the artform ever since.

Bassett looks to a myriad of artists when it comes to inspiration, his influences are always changing, as he feels that tattooing is an ever-evolving art form, currently he looks to Kelly Doty, Timmy B, and many other modern surrealist artists.

When discussing his artwork he takes nothing about tattooing for granted, that it is a difficult art and that every tattoo is worthy of his full attention. His favorites types of tattoos to create are illustrative full color tattooing. We asked him about his favorite tattoo, “The next tattoo I do is always my favorite.”

When not tattooing, Ward loves just about anything Star Wars. 

“I really love to be challenged,” Ward says, “so BRING IT ON!!!”

You can view Ward Bassett's Gallery Here