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Posted by on in Artist Spotlight

Dooz has been in the tattoo business for 25 years, he first got into tattooing when some of his friends, who knew he could draw, bought him tattoo equipment, and surprised him with it, along with the request that he tattoo them! Dooz says about this story, “... let me add though that this is never a good way to start and I would never recommend anyone going this route. Do yourself and the craft a favor and start with a legit apprenticeship in a reputable studio.” 

He is inspired by Sabado, Louis Malloy, when asked about his greatest inspirations, Dooz says, “The list is endless.” 

We asked him about his favorite tattoos, and the hardest tattoo he has ever worked on. His favorite one is pictured below (to the left, above, etc.). When it comes to the hardest one though, “That in an on-going question,” Dooz says, “so I'd just have to say that you never know what is going to walk through the door.”

Dooz loves the chance to fix old or bad tattoos. Essentially putting people's trust back into tattoos by making them proud of what they have instead of being embarrassed by them. He also loves doing animal portraits, Japanese, and traditional tattoos.

When not in the tattoo studio, Dooz can be found kayaking, hunting, or riding his single speed bike all over downtown Savannah, GA. Also - his favorite color is green, his favorite word is “rad” and Deutschland uber allies!!!

You can view Drooz's Gallery here

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Ward Bassett has been in the tattooing business for nine years. At about 4 or 5 years of age, Ward became fascinated by a small eagle tattoo on his Dad’s bicep. He has loved the artform ever since.

Bassett looks to a myriad of artists when it comes to inspiration, his influences are always changing, as he feels that tattooing is an ever-evolving art form, currently he looks to Kelly Doty, Timmy B, and many other modern surrealist artists.

When discussing his artwork he takes nothing about tattooing for granted, that it is a difficult art and that every tattoo is worthy of his full attention. His favorites types of tattoos to create are illustrative full color tattooing. We asked him about his favorite tattoo, “The next tattoo I do is always my favorite.”

When not tattooing, Ward loves just about anything Star Wars. 

“I really love to be challenged,” Ward says, “so BRING IT ON!!!”

You can view Ward Bassett's Gallery Here

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Jason Morris has a wonderful reputation after 10 years experience in tattooing. 

He entered the tattoo world as a visual artist, he has been drawing and painting since he was a child. When he got out of the army, he elected to stay in the Savannah area and began working as a dialysis technician. After a decade, he felt his passion for art calling to him and he began an apprenticeship for one of the oldest tattoo shops in Georgia. He is inspired by the pace of tattooing, and the variety of designs and styles that keep the art constantly interesting and evolving.

Jason looks to artists like Mike Devries, Guy Aicheson, Brandon Bond, Nikko Hurtado, Horiyoshi, and Jack Rudy. Every day in tattooing brings new possibilities as to what kind of art he gets to produce, “I learned in a street shop,” Jason says, “where we did everything that came across the counter and we didn’t allow ourselves to be bound by certain styles. And every day is a learning experience for me and a chance to become a better and more well rounded artist.”

He has created an incredible variety of work, but Jason’s favorite tattoo was a rib piece of custom Japanese inspired Geisha in red. The tattoo took seven hours and it was on one of his all-time favorite customers, Candice. He feels he has done a lot of his best work with her, and over the years they became close friends. Sadly, her life ended a few years ago in a terrible 4-wheeler accident. When asked about her, Jason says “She will be greatly missed.”

Jason’s hardest tattoo was an Aztec calendar back piece. He created it early in his career, when he had only been tattooing for a little over a year, and it remains the largest piece he has even done. It required two full sheets of stencil paper and took eleven hours to finish. If he did it again today, it wouldn’t be nearly as difficult, but at such an early stage in his career, it was daunting.

His specialties (and favorite) types of tattoos include photorealism, “3D”, mehndi, portraits, and comic book styles. In addition to tattooing and visual artwork, Jason is also a DJ, playing and mixing several types of music, and in his downtime, to unwind he enjoys playing PS4 (PSN name DJSuperPickle). At home, Jason has three children, two cats, three ball pythons, a box tortoise, and a duck named Denzel.

You can see Jason Morris's Gallery here

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